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When it comes to emergency response vehicles, AEV is committed to designing Type I ambulances that meet and exceed your expectations. Our team of experts is dedicated to working closely with you to customize your ambulance to your unique needs. We understand that you need an ambulance that’s reliable, versatile, and built to last, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure that every AEV Type I ambulance is one of the most dependable emergency vehicles on the road today.

At AEV, we take our responsibility to keep people safe very seriously. That’s why we subject our ambulances to rigorous testing, including high-speed crash and sled testing that meets or exceeds NHTSA standards. We validate our engineering and construction to ensure that your ambulance meets the highest standards of safety and reliability. We’re proud to say that our ambulances have structural strength and integrity that’s unmatched in the industry. In fact, we test our ambulances at speeds that are 27% higher than federal guidelines for passenger cars.

Our commitment to safety doesn’t stop there. We’re also the first manufacturer to conduct a multi-vehicle, opposite-side crash test. This test ensures that our ambulances can withstand even the most challenging situations and provide maximum protection for the occupants. When you choose an AEV Type I ambulance, you’re getting a vehicle that’s designed to keep you and your patients safe, no matter what challenges you face.



At NWEV, safety is at the core of everything we do. We take pride in building ambulances that are not only safe for patients, but also for our team members who manufacture them. That’s why we have been a STAR manufacturer partner with North Carolina OSHA since 2008, exceeding legal requirements for health and safety.


Our Purpose-Built™ electrical systems are designed and assembled outside the ambulance body, allowing for increased precision and quality. This approach ensures cleaner installations, reducing the likelihood of electrical issues that could compromise patient safety.


At NWEV, we use V-Force™ technology to create stronger welds. We bevel the edges on our extrusions at the weld joints, providing a larger surface area for welding. This ensures that our ambulances are built with the highest level of structural integrity, giving you peace of mind when it comes to patient safety.


We know that durability and protection are crucial for ambulance paint jobs. That’s why we use Duo-Shield™ Primer, which consists of two layers of primer materials. The first is a durable epoxy coat that creates a stronger adhesion between the aluminum skin and the primer layer. The second layer is a urethane primer applied before the paint, providing added protection and ensuring a long-lasting, high-quality finish.


At the heart of NWEV, understanding your unique requirements is our priority. Our attention to detail and dedication to innovation allows us to create units that are a testament to your lifesaving work, delivering peak performance when every second counts. Following this commitment, we offer countless ways to build an ambulance that will cater to your crew’s needs, exceed safety standards, and answer the community’s call. Here, the only way you’ll find two ambulances alike is if you ask for it.


At NWEV, our journey with you begins with a detailed feasibility study. We believe that the most effective solutions are born from a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs. Whether it’s custom conveniences for your crew or paint schemes that reflect your crew’s identity, no detail is too small. Our buying process is a personal, one-on-one experience, emphasizing the strong relationships we build with our clients – because that’s what we prioritize before anything else.


Our buying process is a personal one-on-one experience that starts with a feasibility study, because relationships and individualized solutions are what we build first. From custom conveniences for your crew to paint schemes unique to your company, no detail is overlooked.


Each AEV unit starts with a solid Mickey-manufactured body. We then follow a detailed visual process using a dedicated board filled with parts and tools chosen specifically for your ambulance. This clear, organized method ensures we meet every single one of your specifications. Here at AEV, we take “American Made” a step further. We don’t just build ambulances; we craft them, showcasing the care and precision that goes into every unit.


When a customer purchases an AEV ambulance, the experience is truly just beginning. A dedicated network of independent dealers, backed by the AEV team and REV Financial Services, proudly stands behind our products and cares for you long after the sale with outstanding warranties, including up to 7-year/70,000-mile paint and electrical warranties and up to a 20-year structural warranty.


We partner with only the best Type I ambulance chassis manufacturers to deliver one of the most dependable emergency vehicles, made to protect and serve time and time again. Choose from a Ford ambulance, Dodge ambulance, or Chevy ambulance.


    • C/S upper windows: Standard, tint fixed
    • Drip rails: Bright finish aluminum
    • Fasteners: AVK for attachment of door panels
    • Fender flares: Aluminum
    • Flooring: Choice of optional colors
    • Fuel fill: Aluminum housing (Ford, Dodge and Chevy)
    • Headliner: One-piece front to rear, gloss white
    • KKK package: To present revision
    • Paint: OEM white industry match
    • Pass-thru windows: Sliding Lexan with bellows
    • Patient floor: Plywood, full-length and width, insulated
    • Rear bumper: Tread plate with center flip-up section
    • Rear upper windows: Standard, tint fixed
    • Reflectors: Six total, four rear and two front
    • Roll-up flooring: 3″ recessed
    • Skirt rails: Diamond plate
    • Body Striping: Single belt (Optional)
    • Undercoat: Per QVM guidelines
    • Upholstery: Choice of optional colors


    • Door hold opens: Grabbers on rear doors
    • Handles: Handicap style on all entry doors


    • Attendant seat: Captain’s chair on storage box (Ford)
    • Cot mount: Stryker or Ferno
    • CPR seat: Street-side with telemetry area


    • Backboard storage: Right rear compartment, vertical
    • License plate holder: Recessed in rear kick plate
    • Lining: Diamond plate
    • Oxygen cylinder rack: Aluminum rack, LF compartment
    • Shelves: One total aluminum in exterior compartment
    • Spare tire: Shipped loose
    • Straps: One total in right rear compartment for backboards


    • Action area cabinet: Laminated
    • Laminate: With choice of optional colors
    • Polycarbonate: Gray tinted or clear with full handles
    • RF cabinet: Wood doors with inside/outside access

Electrical system

    • 12vdc outlets: Two cigar outlets
    • 125vac outlets: Two total, one curbside, one RF-ALS
    • Batteries: Two under hood
    • Battery switch: Cole Hersee 2484-16
    • Coax cable: One tagged at both ends
    • Console: Wood between cab seats
    • Electrical cabinet: Behind attendant’s seat
    • Electrical system: With custom electrical schematics
    • Oxygen outlets: Two total, Ohio style
    • Shoreline: inlet on street-side
    • Wiring: Color, name and number coded


    • Action area lights: 12vdc fluorescent
    • Clearance lights: LED on front and rear
    • Dome lights: Six total S/S and C/S LED (three street-side and three curb-side)
    • Indicator lights: Door, compartment ajar and battery on cab console
    • Load lights: Two Whelen on rear
    • Scene lights: Two Whelen on each side
    • Side marker lights: On sides of body
    • Tail lights: Triple light cluster on rear
    • Third brake lights: Mounted over rear doors
    • Warning package lights: Whelen perimeter lighting


    • Heat-A/C: Ceiling ducted
    • Insulation: Reflectix circumferential package


    • Antimicrobial Recessed Overhead Grabrail
    • Complies with all SAE Standards
    • Shoulder Harness Seat Belt System
    • Crash Tested Modular Body
    • Emergency Entry Door Release Latches

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